»Die zwei Körper der Nation. Ästhetische Figurationen des Politischen«

»Les deux corps de la nation. Figurations esthétiques du politique«

International Conference of the ATTRACT research project »Aesthetic Figurations of the Political« and the Institut Pierre Werner

13 – 16 June 2012
Centre Culturel de Rencontre Abbaye de Neumünster, Luxembourg

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The Conference is open to the public. Registration by e-mail requested.

About the Conference

This conference starts from the premise that the nation-state only became possible on the basis of diverse modes of aesthetic representation–in other words, through “imagined communities.” Although the state is indeed embodied institutionally and politically (e.g. through the functions of policing), it only acquires a common unity and totality through a second, imaginary authority: a “second body.” Within the framework of the conference, we will examine whether and to what extent Kantorowicz’s theory of the “king’s two bodies” applies to the political body as such (and remains historically pertinent after the end of the era of absolutism)



Conference Organizers

Dr. Martin Doll (martin.doll[at]uni.lu)

Dr. Oliver Kohns (oliver.kohns[at]uni.lu)

Diane Krüger (krueger[at]ipw.lu)